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Running a home health agency these days is more complex than ever. You’ve got to find and keep qualified staff members, stay current with compliance rules that constantly change, and maintain cash flow even when reimbursement rates drop. Learn why owners and administrators depend on Kinnser Software and say “Kinnser is the complete package, it has everything and is very user friendly.”

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Quality care delivered by dedicated nurses, aides and therapists leads to lower readmission rates and more referrals. Kinnser Software helps Clinicians spend more time with patients and less time tracking down information or following up on documentation needs. “Kinnser makes Clinicians more efficient, it’s easy to navigate and with just a click, you have everything you possibly need to treat patients.”

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Billing may happen behind the scenes, but it is the engine that keeps your agency healthy and in operation. With Kinnser Software, agencies can bill the same day and have a complete picture into what has been billed, what has been paid and what they are still waiting on. Owners and Billers alike share “Kinnser has had a positive impact on cash flow by making billing a fast and easy process.”

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